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Wrought Iron Arch - White - LWA1
LWA1 - Full Picture
LWA1 - Full Picture LWA1 - Crest LWA1 - Column Detail LWA1 - Gate Closed LWA1 - Gate Open

Wrought Iron Arch - White - LWA1

$150.00 /Day

Fantastic ornate square stock wrought iron arch, white. This is not those cheap lightweight tube arches. Comes in 5 pieces (Center base, 2- Columns, Gate and Arch Top) for easier transport. Assembly by bolt / wingnut. Can be used with or without gate. Can be decorated extensively with flowers, ribbons etc.

NOTE: While it does come in 5 pieces for transport, this is a heavy duty arch. Use caution when lifting to prevent injury and/or damage.

Size: Opening 40" w x 67" t
Space Required: Overall 54" w x 12" d x 96" t


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