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Beverage Fountain, 5 Gallon
Beverage Fountain, 5 Gals

Beverage Fountain, 5 Gallon

$50.00 /Day

100% stainless steel fountain is designed to pump champagne as well as all other beverages and remain splash-proof. The center column is illuminated with silver trim. Unique design provides the user with hassle-free performance and dependability. This Beverage Fountain sure to add that extra touch of glamour and convenience to any food service presentation.

Ideal for serving wine, champagne, punch, tropical drinks etc. Great for any banquet. Do not recommend pulpy drinks however, as they effect the pumping and can cause damage.

Click here for fountain recipes.

To clean, turn the fountain off and unplug from electrical receptacle. Dump the liquid from bottom bowl and fill with warm water. Plug the unit back in and let pump/circulate for 5 minutes. Again unplug unit, then dump the water from the bottom bowl. Wipe clean with soft rag. Do not use any cleaners or abrasive products on unit.

Size: 5 Gal Cap, 31" T x 19" Dia, Base - 10 1/2" Dia
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